When the biggest day of your life is approaching, one that you have dreamed of for years, won’t you want to remember them all, all the lights and curtains, bells and robes and halls and guests, for the rest of your life? Years from now, when you would want to walk down memory lane to this day won’t you want to be overwhelmed by the perfection and imperfection of it? We, at Pik-a-shoot, have a reputation for understanding those emotions. Capturing them is our passion and we, are recognized for it. 

We are Pik-a-Shoot!


Almost each one of us never graduated in the disciple of photography instead, we are all born and blooded techies, some in the field of engineering, some in the field of science. But we have had a creative monk inside us; the one thing common amid people from various walks of life. This is where we all boarded Pik-a-Shoot!


Graduating from technical backgrounds for each, the creative field was new to us. But we knew it and we practised it. We started an initiative to get people what they wanted and the mission is to solely enjoy every moment with or without a camera. Our principle was simple. We started with Pik-a-Shoot to shoot. That is the sole mission!


A vision to spread a million smiles around, to keep our clients on top priority. Keeping things simple and straight with our customers and referring to our customers as brothers or sisters of Pik-a-Shoot. Anything goes wrong, we have your back.